Welcome to The Guildable Manor of Southwark
The association of the Jurors of the Court Leet, Exchequer Court and Recorder's Court
The City of London's Guildable Manor
of the
Town and Borough of Southwark
and Brief history of the Southwark Manors and Courts Leet:

Lord of the Manor
The Lord Mayor,
Commonalty and Citizens
of the
City of London
Since 1327
Borough  founded  by  King  Alfred
ca 880 AD
Southwark Jurors in Domesday Book
Parliamentary Borough
Preserved Legal Jurisdiction
Administration of Justice Act 1977

Senior Patrons

The High Steward of Southwark
HHJ Mark Lucraft KC
The Recorder of London

HH Stephen Kramer
Royalties Collector

The Recorder of Southwark
HHJ Usha Karu
The Senior Resident the Sessions House

Lawrence Day ISO, CStJ, JP

Clerk of the Manor
Tony Sharp
Email - clerk@guildablemanor.org
also see information at
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The Guildable Manor of Southwark
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